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Video and Photo family Keepsakes

Telling the story of a life well lived, a couple ready to celebrate a new life together or a couple celebrating 50 years together IS the time to showcase wonderful memories.

A Memory Box Archive is your personal record of old photos, slides, film, video, documents, news paper stories that we creatively design and professionally produce into a keepsake for you and your family.

You have a Great story to share.

  • Your parents celebrating 50 years of marriage
  • Your children growing up and starting a new family of their own.
  • That special grand parent who has given so much.
  • Your own life achievements.
  • Friends that have remained close all their lives.
  • Just schedule an appointment to discuss your ideas for your Memory Box Archives family Keepsake.

Sports Scholarship Videos

  • You have sat on the sidelines and encouraged your child's athletic growth over the years & now you have a chance to showcase their skills on the field.  Leadership, team play, talent, are just a few of the attributes that college coaches are looking for in this highly competitive environment.  Your Sports Scholarship video will be the first thing the coaches look at.  Consider it a video resume!
  • Just schedule an appointment to discuss your "vision" for your child's Sports Scholarship Video.
  • Bring any video & photos that you want to review for consideration.
  • Then we begin assembling all of the parts of your Memory Box family Keepsake or Sports Video.
  • After making any minor changes to the master, we can then produce as many copies as you wish.

These Keepsakes are family treasures! so call or contact us today!