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Transfer your family Photos or Slides.

35mm, 110mm, 126mm, 35 half frame, 35mm negative and Kodachrome

What about you and your family? Do you have boxes or carousels of precious photos & slides stored in your closet or attic? Maybe your dad took them - or even your grandfather. And they took lots of them! If you're like most of our slide customers you have 500 to 2,000 slides (some customers have even more). You probably don't even have a way to view them, yet they're taking up a lot of space! What to do?  Wait until you see your families photos & slides on your TV or computer!  

You are going to love the quality and classic memories.

Professional 35mm Slide Transfer

Day by Day and minute by minute your slides are at risk for scratching, biological damage, and in some cases, fading, rendering your slides as lost treasure.  Now is the time to take action. Don't wait - your memories depend on it.

We love slides and the memories they hold!   A lot of your families life and memories are preserved on them.

Call us today for a hands-on approach to scanning and restoring your Photos & slides.

You'll get:

  • TLC - We touch every photo & slide. You get ongoing quality control.
  • Best image available - Each slide is color-corrected and cropped, rotated and/or flipped if needed.

  • Best technology - Dirt, dust or scratches? We have the technology that may be able to digitally "mend" many of the ravages of time and the elements.

  • Best resolution - We scan natively to TIFF or JEPGS at an very high resolution which allows for enlargements. All corrections to the image (crop, rotation, touch-up, etc.) are made while still in the TIFF format. This resolution allows for enlargements as well. We can deliver as TIFF files or Hi-Res JPEGS.

  • Local service in our Midlothian, Va. Store! - Did you know some places send your slides away? Even out of the country? Your slides never leave our sides!

Once transferred, your Photo & slide images:

  • will be stored, in jpeg or tiff format, on a scratch-proof Archival DVD rated for 100+ years

  • may also be placed on a hard drive for convenience

  • may also be made into a DVD slideshow with background music (to enjoy on TV)

Photos & Slides