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We edit all types of video, from old film to new high definition video we shoot for you!  Some families have already had old film put on video tape and now want to edit and re-order the old film as gifts. We work with you at our side to make your editing sessions fun and the results are great.   

We shoot "Green Screen" in our Midlothian Store by appointment.  If you need a cost effective web commercial, a tv commercial or a video presentation, green screen allows you to create amazing backdrops to showcase your product or service.   

We love old audio......Some of the best stories never had a picture!

We transfer old recordings from Reel to Reel tape and cassette right in our Midlothian Store.  Reel to Reel holds it's quality for many years and families use to record, weddings, family reunions, conversations around the dinner table and they even used reel to reel to "speak" with each other if a loved one was overseas!  Some people even used reel to reel to tell the story of their Military Service, These are true treasures.

Cassette tapes have everything from old songs to church services and school performances.  We can put these memories on cd for you to enjoy again.

Video & Audio

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